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Keep tabs on your account 24/7
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Secure Online Access

Keep tabs on your account 24/7

You can access your account online 24/7/365 using our state-of-the-art online money management facility.

It's fast and secure and gives you the ability to manage your finances whenever you like.

SMS Service

Manage your account by text

If you need a balance or would like to transfer funds you can do so 24/7 simply by sending a text message.
Receive free* text alerts:

  • When you send a Faster Payment to pay a bill or transfer money out.
  • When money is paid in.
  • When you set up a standing order.
  • Anytime standing orders or direct debits can't be paid.

No Credit Checks

We can help you manage your money

Your credit history is of no concern to us, in fact we like to help people who've had financial problems in the past.

We will check that your business is not going through or about to enter into an "Insolvency Event". For a full definition of "Insolvency Event", please see our Terms and Conditions

No Bounced Payment Charges

We won't charge you if you can't make a payment

cardonemoney won't charge you if you can't afford to make a payment which you've set up. Instead we'll notify you by text message a few days before your payment is due to be sent so that you can pay money in should you want to.

If you don't have enough money in your account to send a payment; we don't send it. And we certainly won't charge you for the privilege.

UK Call Centre

Your call is answered within seconds by one of our dedicated team

We're extremely proud of our call centre staff.
Our call centre is based in the UK and what's more we answer the phone, on average, in just 4 seconds!

So you’'ll not be kept waiting when you need to speak to us.

Open To Everyone

We don't usually need more than 5 days to open an account and we won't need to visit your business premises

If your company is a small business or partnership registered in the UK, or if you are a sole trader resident in the UK and aged 18 or over then this account is open to you**.

We don't perform any credit checks on the owners or directors, but we will need to confirm ID and residency. We will also carry out extensive checks on your business to ensure we comply with Anti Money Laundering and other regulations.

Money Managing Tips

The Account:

  • Simple, easy, secure*** account access.
  • No credit checks.**
  • Pay your bills, invoices and wages. Be in control of your money.
  • Application Fee £55 (Terms apply).
  • UK registered business only. Primary account holder must be at least 18 years of age. Business owner/ UK residents only.

How CardOneMoney Works

A cardonemoney Business Account is a business current account designed specifically for small businesses.

cardonemoney offers an easy to use online business current account. Even with bad credit you can now get a business current account with SMS, Phone and Online Access. Our online payment system will help you manage your money so you can keep track of your bills, invoice receipts and wages.

A no credit check** account designed with you in mind.

For more information email us at business@cardonemoney.com