How to Apply

We don't perform any credit checks on the owners or directors, but we will need to confirm ID and residency which we can usually do instantly when you apply. We will also carry out extensive checks on your business to ensure we comply with Anti Money Laundering and other regulations.

We don't usually need more than 5 days to open an account and we won't need to visit your business premises.

Simply fill out the online application or call an advisor today and your account could be open within days.


What will happen next:

  • Complete the online application form and pay the application fee.
  • On completion of our checks (see** below) we will email your account number and sort code and issue the cards that have been ordered.
  • Your password for your online Management Centre will arrive separately.
  • Once the card have been received call us to activate your cardonemoney Prepaid Corporate MasterCard® and retrieve your PIN. You can also order any GIRO books you may need for depositing cash or cheques.