One price for all pockets

£12.50 / month

No credit checks
Prepaid debit Mastercard
Up to 3.5% cashback rewards
Free next day payments
No account opening fee
Account number and sort code

All for £12.50 a month. See pricing

The Card One Money current account is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Please see our FAQs for more information.



Opening fee
Monthly fee
Giro paying in book


First card
Additional card
£5.00 / month
Replacement card
Transfer funds back from
card to account
£5.00 / transaction
Foreign currency
2.75% of the transaction value / purchase transaction
Maximum card balance

ATM withdrawals

Outside the UK
£3.00 + 2.75% of the transaction value
Cash advance


Online payments
Over the phone
Next day
Same day


Cancellation or redemption
£10.00 to redeem any balance on
card after closure
Had a Card Money account for years - simple and you know exactly where you are with text messages detailing direct debits and such.

Excellent service. And the £12.50 a month - cheap at the price, I'd say.‍
Helped me a lot when I couldn't get a bank I decided to go with these and so far brilliant experience yes they charge £12.50 a month but never had money go missing or anything like that if you need an account and don't have photo ID go with these.
Helpful customer service agents it's well worth £12.50 a month.
I got a amazing service and was very pleased with Card one money. They dealt with my issue promptly and with respect of my situation and waiver the fee for 4 weeks equally to help. I now have a new card coming equally and will be using them again now.

The Card One Money account

By combining our payment technology with dedicated, human support, our current account provides a modern alternative to the traditional bank account.


We don’t run any credit checks, all we need to do is verify your identity and residency.
You can apply regardless of your employment status.
You get your own account number and sort code.
Pay money in to your account by cash and cheques.

to you

Keep your account secure with Two-Factor Authentication.
Manage your money online wherever you are, 24hrs a day.
Set up text alerts and receive push notifications.
Switch your existing account and payments over in 7 days.


A card for your everyday spending needs.
Earn up to 3.5% cashback at select UK retailers.
Take cash out at UK ATMs with our fixed £1.50 fee.
Load your card on the go through our mobile app.


Set up and manage direct debits and standing orders.
Prioritise your Direct Debits so important bills get paid first.
Get your salaries and benefits paid straight into your account.
One account to keep track of all your spending.

There's only one thing left to do

Need a hand?

If you have any questions regarding your application or need some more information, don't hesitate to contact our friendly, UK-based team.

Frequently asked questions

Why am I charged a transaction fee for purchases outside of the UK?

Transactions fees are charged for converting your money into a foreign currency. We charge 2.75% of the transaction amount when you use your prepaid card to make a transaction in a currency other than British pounds. For currency exchange fees (daily and historical) please visit the Mastercard website.

Do you pay interest?

No, we are unable to pay interest on any funds credited to us.

How do I deposit cash or cheques?

You can only deposit cheques using the bank giro forms provided by us. Simply give us a call to order the forms which you can then deposit at any Barclays branch. We do not accept cheques payable to a third party and endorsed in your favour.

Please see our terms & conditions for details on cheque clearing rules and cash-related charges.

More FAQs